Vieques Island has the necessary core elements for long term economic development: FOUR percent income tax rates - 5,000 foot runway - modern airport, commercial air service to the caribbean, two commercial piers, stable water - power supply, 100,000 sqft of commercial space, 15,000 to 25,000 acres of land available for farming, 500,000 gallons per day water supply, 50 miles of paved roads, professional schools, fire, police, medical services and hundreds of educated people ready to join the process to re invent - redevelop Vieques business community.

Puerto Rico offers four percent income tax rates as incentives to promote economic development. Please see for program details and contact Gary Jennings to review your project.

Example of Palm Grove. 5,000 acres will generate 2.5 million gallons of diesel fuel per year and 3,000 tons per acre biomass. This concept will supply 100 percent of the ferry fuel demand.... AND.... supply 100 percent of the power for the island via Waste to Energy technology.

Palm fruit ready for harvest. On average, 500 gallons per acre (diesel fuel) and 3,000 tons per acre biomass.

Example of cargo (cars & trucks) ferry service between Ceiba Pier and Mosquito Pier. 50,000 cars per year depend on the ferry system. Our motto: FASTER, CHEAPER, BETTER FERRY SERVICE !

Example of 400 ft inter island cargo ferry (landing craft) service (Vieques, Qulebra, St. Thomas, St. Croix, Puerto Rico). Vieques imports 5,000 ton or 300 containers per year.

Example of an island based fish and shrimp farm operation in Asia. Imagine a farm half this size supplying BVI, USVI and Puerto Rico seafood products.

Example of green house project, 10 units at 5,000 sqft each with 10 crops in production. Vieques needs 1,000 lbs per day to feed 10,000 local population.

Take your pick, Vieques and Culebra have 75 public beaches similar to this one. is a proposed joint venture between the Government of Vieques (Puerto Rico), local concerned citizens and United Solutions Group. Currently evaluating the following segments for future development via the Request for Proposal (RFP) format.

Please see Current Projects tab for details or contact Gary Jennings (program manager).

Market Segments.

1. Develop diesel fuel from Palm Oil farming (Fuel supply and job creation). 

2. Upgrade cargo ferry transportation (economic development – quality of life). 

3. Develop fish & shrimp farms program (food supply development). 

4. Develop greenhouse farming  program (food supply development).

5. Develop TEC Island Project (new job creation). 

6. Develop Waste to Energy Project (lower the cost of electricty to .15 cents per KW). 

7. Draft five year economic development plan that will transition from one mayor to the next mayor or political parties.  

8. Evaluate new projects.